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Get ready for our third trial issue featuring a whole new side of Boston and the adventurous underbelly of Burlington, VT. This third issue marks Immersion Travel Magazine’s first anniversary and an exciting year of experimentation, laughter, failure, moments of brilliance, and forward movement. This issue highlights areas of Boston that few think to explore as well as a community in Vermont that will make outdoor enthusiasts and foodies sing. Prepare for breezy tall ship journeys across Boston Harbor, yoga classes atop stand up paddle boards, eighteenth century tour guides in the heart of Boston, and locavore picnics at Charlie’s Boat House on the shores of Lake Champlain. Producing this issue has been a long and challenging process and our fans have been so patient and understanding through it all. 

At first, we were able to publish our issues through the Apple Store and readers enjoyed them on their iPads, but that didn't do it for us. We wanted every interested reader to have access to our issues, no matter what platform they had available to them. Very soon, we will have all three of our issues available to read on our website! Stay tuned as these incredible destinations will be here shortly.

Pushing the Limit

Our guest contributor, Ethan Gelber, paints a daunting picture of tourism’s impact on New York City and the implications that are not as obvious as we might think.

Leaving Dependence on the Dock

This little organization has made a big impact on the Burlington community. With groundbreaking and nationally recognized programs, the Community Sailing Center provides opportunities for visitors and locals to get out on the water, no matter their abilities.

Bites of Boston

There isn’t a better way to get acquainted with a neighborhood than to sample its cuisine and this tour is the best way to do that in South End. Join Alyssa Daigle Schoenfeld as she leads you through the back streets of South End and several mouthwatering stops along the way.

Born of the Sea

This isn’t just any aquarium. The New England Aquarium has been rescuing, rehabilitating and caring for ocean critters for decades and is dedicated to education and conservation. Meet Plumb Pudding, the African penguin. Twirl around with a fur seal. Fill your mind with knowledge you never thought you’d learn.

Welcome to Immersion Travel Magazine’s second issue featuring central Arizona. Prepare for a winning array of affordable boutique hotels, restaurants, tours, organizations, and activities that are sure to quench your thirst for adventure as well as provide an in-depth look at central Arizona’s unique history and its exciting future. This issue is chock-full of stories of haunted hotels, indigenous critters, hundred-year-old trains, Jeeps in the wilderness, interactive children’s museums, exciting wine country and more. “The Other Arizona” delves into a side of the state that few people have experienced and even fewer travelers won’t be able to resist. Listed below are a few samples of articles from this issue.

A Walk with Prescott’s Past

If you enjoy the spine tingling rush of a good ghost story, be sure to take a walk through  downtown Prescott. This colorful town has seen dozens of spirits walking the halls of hundred-year-old hotels, playing violins in performance halls, throwing whiskey glasses across saloons, and more. We even experienced our own ghost encounter during our visit. Who knows who else travelers might run into in this rough riding town?


Looking for an affordable educational vacation that your kids will enjoy? The Spot… a Child’s Museum has just what you’re looking for. A hands-on discovery museum that encourages children of all ages to explore the worlds of science, history, local culture, and the arts, The Spot… a Child’s Museum is completely run by volunteers. Join us and an expert Spotologist as we explore this fun and educational nonprofit.

Copper and Clay

Poised on the edge of a mountain side, the historic mining town of Jerome will keep visitors busy all day. From dozens of art galleries to haunted hotels to history-rich museums, Jerome offers authentic local cuisine, great exercise and an experience that just about everyone will enjoy. 


Take a walk on Prescott’s wild side at the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary, where critters of all shapes and sizes have found a safe and comfortable home. Every animal residing at the sanctuary was brought in after suffering an injury or circumstance that kept them from surviving in the wild. HPZS is dedicated to protecting wildlife and educating the community about conservation. Sit with a wallaby family in the sunshine. Have brunch with Cassie the Bengal tiger. Develop a new appreciation for vegetables with the javelina. Have an unforgettable day.

Introducing Immersion Travel Magazine’s first issue featuring San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. From the inner streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown, to the captivating shores of Half Moon Bay to the kitchen of Oakland’s favorite Italian restaurant, “Big Bridges, Back Roads and Bolognese” captures a wide array of unforgettable (and better yet, affordable) destinations to visit in the Bay Area. Listed below are a few samples of articles from this issue.

Temples and Tea

Join us as we follow San Francisco local, Anthony Jones, through the backstreets of Chinatown meeting monks, sampling fortune cookies, learning about the city’s rich history, tasting tea made from ancient Chinese methods, and more.

Kissed by Fire

Step behind the counter of Oakland’s favorite Italian restaurant and experience the talent and technique that goes into preparing each delectable dish. The chefs at Pizzaiolo are dedicated to crafting new dishes each day from locally grown ingredients and their dedication continuously leaves visitors coming back for more.

Mirounga Shores

Get up close and personal with the world’s largest pinnipeds, elephant seals (Mirounga Angustirostris). These amazing creatures camp out all along the California coastline during different times of the year; however, one of their favorite getaway spots is Año Nuevo State Park. This prime stretch of beach is a great place for visitors to learn about the secret lives of elephant seals.

A Night Beneath the Lantern

Nestled on the breathtaking shores of Montara, California, the Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel is an unexpected pleasure. Warm beds, welcoming hospitality and a private beach are just a few things this hostel has to offer.


As a well-seasoned and responsible traveler, Ethan Gelber reflects on his past experiences with hostels around the world and takes a critical look at the future many hostels are moving toward.