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What We're All About

In 2012, an idea was formed. An idea to create a travel publication that would utilize new digital media platforms, provide appropriate benefits for contributors and team members, follow a strict ethics code that would decline compensations from travel operators, and only feature destinations that were sustainable. With time, lots of hard work and support from friends and family, the idea transformed into Immersion Travel Magazine LLC.

Immersion Travel Magazine is a donation-only blog that showcases culturally sensitive and environmentally conscious travel destinations across the nation and the world. Readers are invited to escape to vivid landscapes, explore welcoming and spirited communities, taste exotic cuisine from colorful markets, sample captivating music and art, discover wildlife in thriving habitats, and learn what people around the world are doing to improve the travel experience for visitors, locals and the environment.

Like travel ninjas, writers and content creators who publish on our blog leave only footprints and take only photographs, film, and perhaps a locally-made handcrafted souvenir. Ethical practices and transparent operations are the pillars of the platform. That means that what you read and see is what really happened; no rose-colored lenses, no manipulations, and no compensations to skew reviews.

Immersion Travel Magazine delivers genuine and reliable articles for travelers, who are curious about their world; aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty; enjoy putting their feet up once in a while; and are craving a new and honest look at travel. Experience the thrill of Immersion Travel Magazine, where every article, photograph and video will keep you coming back for more.