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State of the Mag Address

We know it’s been a while since we gave a proper update about where we are in the launch process; so, here’s what’s up:

As with the beginning stages of most enterprises, things are moving along slowly. However, we are thrilled to report that things are moving in a forward direction. While it may look like there isn’t much happening on the surface, we have been ridiculously busy connecting with writers, photographers, and videographers; researching exciting new destinations that are changing the way people travel by combining conservation with community engagement and unforgettable hands-on activities; and redesigning our website. We also want to hear your input about our articles and future plans, but our current website doesn’t make it easy to share ideas. We are changing that. Starting with this new blog platform that we installed today, we are working on implementing a user-friendly design throughout our website.

Our new comfy-cozy website will host many more articles about responsible and unforgettable destinations as well as provide a platform for conversations. It will also support brand new pages that will feature tips and tricks for traveling in a sustainable way, product reviews, itineraries for a variety of locations, and more.

One more thing: WE ARE OFFICIALLY TAKING SUBMISSIONS (you can’t see it, but we are dancing for joy). If you are a writer, photographer, videographer, info-graphic designer, or avid traveler and have covered something travel-related that is awesome in every responsible way, we would love to see it. Send us your stuff at:

There you have it! A brief look into an exciting future for Immersion Travel. If this update sparked any ideas or if you have suggestions or comments for our new blog platform, we would love to hear them; just send us a note or leave a comment below.

This monk seal just woke up from a much deserved nap on turtle beach in Kauai. Maybe he heard about the long list of stuff we have to do before the first issue of Immersion Travel is launched in August.

October 28, 2013

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