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Starting the New Year off right

A look at what is to come and what we hope to achieve.

Now that the rush of the holidays has ebbed and family and friends have returned safely home and the New Year’s Eve hangover is over, it’s time to get back into the groove. And what a groove it is going to be. 2013 was a year of discovery and planning as Immersion Travel transitioned from a dream into a tangible and exciting part of our lives. While we have many miles to go before we are able to graduate to full magazine-hood, there are several things to look forward to and work toward this year.

  • Creating our first trial issue with a focus on San Francisco and the Bay Area. This trip will not only help us work out the kinks in our strategies for panning, investigating and featuring a variety of destinations, it will also introduce us to a side of California we didn’t know existed. We will be visiting several restaurants, parks, sanctuaries, artist collectives, and other locations that have put the environment and neighborly well-being ahead of profit. Our journey will begin this month and we are aiming to release our first trial issue by the end of April.
  • Bringing in responsible travel businesses to advertise in our material. If we had the ability to travel the world, check out new destinations, and publish a gorgeous monthly magazine on our own dime, you wouldn’t be reading this bullet point. However, like most magazines, we rely on advertising and subscriptions to help pay the bills. Luckily, there are plenty of amazing businesses out there that are sustainable and socially responsible and are just the kind of entities that we want to showcase. The next few months will be spent developing relationships with these businesses.
  • Establishing a subscription platform. With our first trial issue underway, we will need to make sure that readers can easily download our app and subscribe to future issues. Thankfully, this item on the list is one of the easier ones to accomplish.
  • Sticking to our ethics. One thing that is very important to us is continuing to make ethical decisions on a daily basis. During the early stages of Immersion’s development, we spent weeks establishing a written code of ethics that took the well-being of others and natural ecosystems into account and would be followed by every member of the magazine. Now that we are planning our first issues and working with advertisers, it is all the more prudent to keep our code close at hand.
  • Publish, publish, publish! While we won’t be able to churn out an issue every month, we are planning on publishing a few trial issues before rolling out our first official full length issue at the end of the year. Until then, we have a lot of exciting work to do.   
January 3, 2014

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