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The Ripple Movement

A dedicated collective of talented bloggers has launched a brand new website, The Ripple Movement, and we couldn't be more excited to spread the news about it. Started by Dylan Lowe with the help of several hard working travel bloggers, The Ripple Movement is committed to sharing multi-media stories about important issues such as traveling with disabilities or hearing loss, food and travel, architecture around the world, responsible travel and more. Check out this press release from The Ripple Movement to learn more about this incredible project.


The Ripple Movement is a travel media collaborative project aiming to use the power of travel blogging and storytelling to raise awareness about various social issues around the world. The centerpiece of the project, the website, will be a one-stop portal for tracking and viewing every independent project as well as their creative output.

Dylan Lowe, founder and project leader, says: “I am delighted to be able to finally unravel the months of hard work our team has dedicated to The Ripple Movement. The website launch will now allow us to showcase our vision as a media collaborative: the innovations of the brightest minds in travel blogging, beautiful visual storytelling, and a passion to achieve social good. And we could have done nothing without the passion and diversity of our participating bloggers, the Projecteers.”

With an interactive map on the website landing page, not only will users be able to track the movement and current whereabouts of participating blogger, charted in real time, they will also see the geo-tagged content generated by the participants – literature, photography and videography – as they become available online.

The core idea of The Ripple Movement project is to showcase the true potentials of travel blogging: sheer versatility and diversity of topics covered by travel blogging; levels of content exposure augmented through shared audiences and organized content syndication; optimized partnership between travel bloggers and destination and brand promoters.

Don't miss The Ripple Movement's Google Hangouts, where featured speakers talk about their projects and answer questions about travel.

The primary feature of the website is the centralized live map (CLM), a device providing information regarding independent projects via an interactive user interface with a gaming aspect.

It will serve two main purposes: live tracking of independent project: as the bloggers progress on their independent investigations; and syndication of geo-tagged creative output: the content generated by the bloggers on their projects.

Other experience-enhancing functions of the CLM include: zoom in/out; highlights of featured destinations, relevant locations and events of interest; legends; filter function allowing users to categorically view the various features on the CLM, e.g. “only routes,” “only photography,” “only content of specific topic.”

The Ripple Movement website will contain information regarding the independent projects and participating bloggers, each in their own dedicated bio; the structure of its presentation may be likened to a festival website, whereupon the participants are the performers and their acts are performed on various global stages.

The city of Sibiu, Romania. One of the places featured on The Ripple Movement.

The website blog will serve as the centralized editorial platform for the publication of content unique to The Ripple Movement website. The website will also include a partners-dedicated page, listing all sponsoring organizations – respective logos and biography – and the extent of their involvement.

The Ripple Movement project will also host a range of online broadcasts, featuring the participating bloggers and their independent projects. Dubbed The Ripple Hangout, this live and recorded panel discussion will debut on Google Hangout on 8 June 2015.

UPDATE JUNE 23, 2015

The Ripple Movement has launched its Kickstarter campaign and is relying on the generosity of the public to fund its 14 projects. By raising $55,600, the collaborative will be able to achieve its goal of covering real world travel problems and bring them to light in the digital world. For more information, visit their Kickstarter site here

All photos courtesy of The Ripple Movement.

June 9, 2015

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