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Phenomenal Photo Fridays Photo Contest

Hey there fellow travelers! We are starting a photo contest that will be held every week starting March 21st, 2014. Send in your best travel photo by midnight the night before the contest that represents the topic of the week and we will post the winner on our website. Creativity is encouraged. The winner will not only go down in history as a totally awesome photographer, but will also have a chance to be featured in an Immersion Travel Magazine issue!

Our first Phenomenal Photo Friday contest topic is... drum roll:

Something Green


1. Images must be genuine. No Photoshop editing that takes out, adds in or changes anything that was in the original scene. (We have a killer photo editor who can tell if images have been tampered with, so no funny business.)

2. Images must be in focus and must be no more than 1,000 pixels in length on the longest side.

3. No animals, creepy crawlies, plants, or humans can be harmed for the purpose of creating the photograph. (Be cool.)

4. You are allowed to submit 1 image every week and you must include: your name (no pseudonyms please), your age (you must be over 18 to enter), a caption for the image, the location the image was taken, and your jpeg image. These materials should be submitted by email to Your subject must say "Phenomenal Photo Fridays Photo Contest (weekly topic)"

5. Our Creative Director, Christopher Scotti, will be determining who makes the cut and will post results Friday nights.

6. Even if you don't win, your photograph may be selected to be featured in an issue. Please keep a full sized RAW or Jpeg file as we may request one in the event we decide to feature your image.

Legal jazz: By submitting your photograph into the contest you are agreeing to allow Immersion Travel Magazine LLC to use your image in any published materials including but not limited to: advertisements and promotional materials, issues or periodical publications and social media outlets. We believe in giving credit where credit is due and will always give credit for images you submit. Be sure to double check the spelling of your name upon submission so we can publish it properly. In instances where we would normally purchase images, the photographer will be contacted about compensation for the use of their image. If your think an image has been used by Immersion Travel Magazine LLC without credit please contact so we can remedy the situation. Thank you in advance for your submissions and we look forward to seeing all of your wonderful photos in the weeks to come!  

Example for what your submission email should contain:

Photographer: Christopher Scotti

Age: 24 (We will not publish your age if your photo wins.)

Location: Island of Ischia, Italy

Caption: Often overlooked because of its sister island Capri, Ischia is home to famous hot springs resorts that have been popular since the days of the Roman Empire. Be sure to visit the Castello Aragonese and sample the local lemoncello. You can see this view from the Southwestern ramparts of the Castello Aragonese.



March 17, 2014

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