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How Do You Hostel?

Calling All Hostel Experts

Last week, we traveled to San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area to cover destinations that will be featured in our first trial issue in April. During the five days we spent biking along beaches, investigating restaurants, exploring San Fran’s Chinatown, taking as many notes and photographs as possible, and playing with dogs beneath the golden gate bridge, we were unbelievably thankful to have a place to crash at the end of each day. We stayed in two hostels during our trip and the experiences they offered couldn't have been more different. One was quiet, calm, comfortable and out of the way while the other was loud, chaotic and definitely suited for the adventurous at heart. Since this was our first encounter with hostels, it’s needless to say that our knowledge of the subject was limited, but one thing we learned is that every hostel has its own personality and should be approached with an open mind.

Since we are so limited in our experiences with hostels, we want to publish an article about the best approaches to hosteling and if there are any strategies to finding a great hostel and making the most out of one’s trip. So, if you have stayed in at least 10 different hostels and you have stories you want to share along with great advice, send in a 700-1,000 word article before February 28. The writer of the article that is chosen will receive $100 and will be featured next to his or her article in our April issue.


Experience: You must have stayed in at least 10 different hostels around the world, including the US.

Topic: How Do You Hostel? Advice for those who are new to staying in hostels

Length: 700-1,000 words

Up to 5 optional photographs may be included (photographs must be original and taken by the author of the article)

Deadline: February 28, 2014

Submit articles to:

Subject of email should be: HOWDOYOUHOSTEL(YOURNAME). Include your name and a short bio about yourself in the body of the email.

The article that is chosen will be featured in our April issue and the author will receive $100.

Montara Lighthouse at Montara Lighthouse Hostel.

January 16, 2014

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