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The Glamp is Glowing in New South Wales, Australia

Photo credit: Tanja Lagoon

Written by Olivia Bourke, writer for Great Lost.

You may be wondering what on earth is “glamping?” Well glamping (short for glamor camping) is a growing trend in how people choose to travel and accommodate; it is practically a tent that has all the necessary amenities and more. Simply put, it’s an accommodation that is the best of both worlds. Visitors are able to experience the great outdoors and get up close and personal with nature at any time, whilst being able to retreat to a fully powered tent with all the luxuries.

Glamping is a perfect getaway for those that are typically not fond of uncomfortable sleeping bags, small spaces, cold showers and “natural” toiletries. These retreats are becoming highly desirable as they leave minimal impact on the environment. Utilizing solar power, state-of-the-art, water-saving flush systems, local produce and more to improve sustainability.

Want to get closer to nature and live with the similar luxuries of a hotel stay? Want the hard work of camping to be taken care of? Glamping might be the option for you. Here’s a handful of examples of glamping done right in New South Wales, Australia:

Photo credit: The Taronga Zoo

Roar and Snore, Mosman

Simple and perfect if you have kids, Roar and Snore lies in the Taronga Zoo and has awesome views of the harbor. It’s a hidden pocket of nature in the bustling metropolitan cityscape; a getaway for Sydneysiders who want a wild outdoor experience, but can’t afford the drive time to get lost in the wilderness.

Visitors are not only able to relax and enjoy the night, but they get exclusive up-close encounters with zoo inhabitants during night safaris and behind-the-scenes tours of the zoo. Not to mention, there’s also an all-you-can-eat buffet there. It is the ultimate sleepover.

The Taronga Zoo is dedicated to sustainable development, protecting the environment and conserving wild species. Funds collected by the zoo go toward funding research programs, implementing sustainability projects within the complex, protecting fragile ecosystems around the world and saving endangered animal species from extinction.

Photo credit: Taronga Zoo

The Escape, Bawley Point NSW

An award winning glamping destination, The Escape labels itself as luxury camping, so it is on another level above regular glamping. This destination is surrounded by amazing national parks, state forests and views of the Clyde River.

Amenities are taken care of and The Escape offers plenty of adventurous activities nearby and a restaurant for dining. There are even massage and facial packages available on-site.

Don’t forget to taste the Clyde River Oysters, they are world-renowned for a reason.

Photo credit: The Escape

Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Easy to reach from Sydney’s harbor via ferry is Cockatoo Island, a serene pocket that is surrounded by natural and modern architecture. The island has many tents that are already set up. These tents are typically smaller than most glamping options and are average in size, but they are all you need for an overnight stay on the island.

Luxuries include communal hot showers, a kitchen, bbq areas, microwaves, fridges and a boiling water system for instant hot water. All the other stuff can be bought from Societe, a nearby store on the island. This is perfect for those that don’t want to travel far from the CBD and want to change it up.

Photo credit: Flickr (Doug Beckers)

Tanja Lagoon Camp, Tanja

The safari style tents at the Tanja Lagoon Camp offer luxury comfort in a natural setting. The tents are so spacious, glampers have a queen size bed, lounge area, furniture and all the electrical appliances they need all to themselves. Views of the lagoon are easily admired, and there are plenty of dining options nearby. There are also family tents that suit kids.

Visitors can connect with nature as the camp is surrounded by a national park on all sides. This would be as close as you would get to camping with all the luxury amenities. Visitors can swim, canoe, bird-watch, hike, surf, bike and visit the oyster farms nearby.

Photo credit: Tanja Lagoon Camp

Paperbark Camp, Jervis Bay

These luxurious tents are ideal for those that want to be immersed in nature, yet enjoy the finer things in life. Paperbark Camp definitely showcases an elevated bush camp feel.

Close by are the spectacular white sandy beaches of Jervis Bay, making it easy to hit the surf and come back at night for a dose of gourmet food and great wine in a soothing atmosphere. It is ideal for exploring the pristine area and its many attractions.

Almost everything you’d expect to be in a hotel is there in the tent. Visitors can indulge in the treetop dining room for dinner, and after a heavenly feed, you can walk around at night and be captivated by the immense amount of stars.

Photo credit: Paperback Camp

So if pitching a tent and gathering wood for a fire is not your thing, but you do love the great outdoors, glamping might just be what you’re looking for, and New South Wales might be where you want to begin your glamping adventure. As eco-sustainability becomes a factor and even a driver in holiday decisions, there are more and more glamping options available across Australia and the world. Some sites to note are: VisitNSW (NSW), Green Getaways (AU) & Glamping Hub (Worldwide).

Photo credit: Paperback Camp

About Olivia Bourke: Recently having moved from the States to Sydney, Olivia spends her time exploring the great hidden gems of New South Wales. Enjoying the golden sandy beaches and lush forests of the land down under, she occasionally writes for Great Lost.

April 18, 2017

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