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The Best History Tour in Boston

If history is your jam or if you enjoy exploring cities in different ways or if you simply love a good story, then a Freedom Trail tour is something you need to add to the Boston itinerary. Walk the streets of Boston with a local expert from the Colonial era and learn juicy details about the revolution that have been left out of elementary school text books. Learn about how the land traded hands between native communities and colonists. Try not to wince as you learn about the horrific puritan punishments for unthinkable acts such as kissing your spouse on Sunday. Discover intimate details of the lives of Sam Adams, John Hancock and Paul Revere. Stroll through historic graveyards and decipher what was once written. No matter what interests you about Boston, this tour will leave you illuminated.

Note: Buy your tickets directly from the Freedom Trail Foundation website. This ensures that your money is going toward preservation and education.

Starting place for the Freedom Trail tour.

Caption: Isaiah Thomas was born in 1749 in Boston Massachusetts and later published The Massachusetts Spy. In Worcester, Mass, he gave the city's first public reading of the Declaration of Independence and he published more than 400 books in his lifetime. Now, he enjoys guiding visitors through Boston and sharing stories of his friends, family and brand new American government.  

No tour is complete without a visit to a cemetery. Especially one that honors John Hancock and Sam Adams.

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May 7, 2015

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