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10 Ways to Give Thanks on Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! While you’re showing your appreciation at the local parade this Veterans Day, think about going the extra mile for those that have sacrificed for the American way of life. Here are a few simple ways to say Thank You today and throughout the year.

Bake some Thanks 

Giving a homemade holiday treat to a veteran or a veteran’s family will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and is a classic way to show appreciation. Support a local farm and buy a sugar pumpkin or other fresh produce. Turn that pumpkin into sweet loaves of bread and donate them to someone you know or the local veterans care facility.

Pay the Tab 

The next time you see a soldier eating at the airport, track down his or her waitress and pay for the meal. Since this can be done anonymously, this is a great way to show appreciation if you are shy. Another way to share a little love is to donate your free drink coupons through your airline to soldiers returning home.

Give the gift of Flight

Donate your frequent flyer miles to soldiers or families of the military for emergencies or for returning home for special events. Fisher House Foundation’s Hero Miles program gives donated miles to military families in order to visit wounded family members.

Send a Card

Give your creative side a workout and create a thank you card for veterans or soldiers overseas. Several organizations, such as the American Red Cross, have established programs to make sure cards are delivered quickly and efficiently and appreciation is received by troops that have served and are still serving in the military.

Warm a Few Hands and Hearts

Send a Cup of Joe to a soldier overseas through Green Beans Coffee Company.

Get into the Holiday Spirit

With Thanksgiving around the corner, now is a great time to start showing some holiday love. An easy way to do this is to put a care package together for troops overseas. If you need a few suggestions of things to pack, take a look at Operation Gratitude and Military Missions. To go the extra mile on this, send biodegradable or sustainably produced items. 

Feel the Burn

Take part in a National Veterans Day Run or hold a marathon or 5k race of your own in honor of local veterans. Bring your friends and family together to start a fundraiser to help combat PTSD, provide counseling for transitioning soldiers, support programs that provide job training for homeless veterans, and more.

Pay it forward

Volunteer time to a veteran or a military family. Take a few minutes and donate blood to a veterans care facility. Volunteer at a facility, homeless shelter or celebratory event. Look into fundraising or lending a hammer to the Homes for Our Troops organization, which builds specially-adapted, mortgage-free homes specifically for veterans who have been severely injured while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. With homes designed to fit their needs, veterans can focus on the healing process and getting back to being part of the community. Get your hands dirty and help with yard work, landscaping, or planting a vegetable garden or flower garden for someone in need.

Grant a Wish

Donate sporting event and theatrical performance tickets to veterans and military families. Veteran Tickets Foundation collects donations for tickets to performances, sporting events and other cultural shows for soldiers and their families to enjoy.

Make a Few Tails Wag

Don’t forget the four-legged troops. While US soldiers work to protect the country, military and contract canines work to protect our soldiers. Through organizations like United States War Dog Association, you can send needed supplies for working canines, adopt a retired pup, donate wheelchairs for dogs that have been crippled, and more.


Get inspired with this Vevo video from Five Finger Death Punch. Wrong Side of Heaven


November 9, 2016

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